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Study processes

Il futuro è un ordine che insorge.


Amygdala’s vocation to the educational sphere translates in several ways. From vocational training to urban outreach for children, the collective invents targeted actions for the many communities with which it connects.


Also on the programming side, many of the artists hosted through the festival, summer festival or residencies are given the opportunity to meet the public through workshops, seminars and meetings.


The processes put in place by Amigdala in the field of adult education are distinguished in the professional training courses for performing arts practitioners, whether artists, curators or organizers, interested in acquiring skills in community activation and site-specific with Maggese, an intensive study and fieldwork seminar.

A path of higher education for adults is also that of the Leonardi Archive School, built together with the association Cesare Leonardi Archives born to convey the working method developed by Cesare Leonardi (architect, urban planner, designer, artist) and his “transversal” approach characterized by the ability to decline a unique thought in different disciplinary fields.


Numerous workshops investigating the field of storytelling, body expression and again urbanism have been activated with preschools.

The latter strand in particular is divided into urban exploration and imaginative workshops on the future of cities: the former build paths specifically dedicated to children and touching on strategic points in the Craftsman Village or the area in which they work, moving from still-active artisan workshops to abandoned places; the latter start from literary works to accompany classes or groups of children in the invention or reworking of a landscape, whether static or caught in a moment of social and urban transformation.


Laboratori, scuole, alta formazione




Bottega Baleno 2024


BOTTEGA BALENO 2023 — gesti per guardare lontano


Bottega Baleno 12-16 anni


BOTTEGA BALENO — gesti per guardare lontano


Scuola Archivio Leonardi


MAGGESE – comporre opere sui luoghi