Il futuro è un ordine che insorge.

Amygdala makes site-specific productions
Weaving performances,
Visual art, sound research and writing.

The poetics of the collective operates on multiple planes, ranging from soundscape construction to historical and anthropological research on territories, from dramaturgical writing to musical composition, from urban crossing to the relationship with landscape and public space.

These are performances, installations, public art projects, and concerts that arise in close connection with the places in which they are located, after a long analysis of their characteristics and specificities and thanks to a work of relations with the people who inhabit them or have inhabited them. Works that create an intimate and immersive space, working on altering the viewer’s perception and mechanisms of direct activation of participants, in forms that seek a balance between radicality and delicacy.

A specific research interest of the collective is around the voice and its expressions-singing, storytelling, oral history, personal testimony-as a tool for building connections with landscapes and communities.

The chorus is a recurring presence in Amygdala’s work, able to connect the individual element with the collective experience.

As a result, from rigorous aesthetic research, each work is able to combine the interpretation of the timely history of places and the enhancement of personal testimonies and skills with the reconstruction of affective ties between people and their landscapes.

All musical compositions, writings and contents of the works are original.



Artistic production for Amigdala is strongly connected with the vocation for community activation and urban regeneration, one of the association’s focuses.


Il collettivo all'opera




Elementary – LP


A Forgotten Tune






The disobedience of water


Anonymous letters to a walker


Traces for a theory of color


From my voice

Because of its expertise in the site-specific field and its ability to develop connections across multiple disciplinary domains, Amigdala has participated in the creation of performances in synergy with other artists or organizations.
Such spunti have set in motion a process of collective authorship capable of expanding and adapting to individual occasions, which is based on a rigorous but open method of work, capable of giving rise to new avenues of creation in the sign of the connections between multiple artistic voices.