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Let us start from a concrete experience.

The convening of ten women to bring themselves inside a process, an artistic quest that is situated around a question: how do women resist together today?

The theme of the feminine meets the theme of collectivity and finally of resistance, understood not as opposition to one force or action in contrast to others, but activated in its most implicit and mysterious sense, that of re-existence.

Voice and uniqueness are the starting points of this work. Choral singing gathers the differences of each voice and throat and language of origin to transfer them into an arrangement that is based on listening and welcoming, shaping a wave that moves like a dance of struggle and surrender.
The audience witnesses this possibility: the construction of a circular space in which viewpoints and experiences intertwine and non-violent communication opens up to broader socialization.

KIN deploys the assembly device of conversation to give voice to discourse free of judgment and prejudice. The performance asks to practice listening before viewing, and moves between song and word with the most heated desire to be experienced. The circle of chairs in which the audience will find itself involved is a socially placed spiral, where the openings between lines matter as much as that visible part that closes in a beginning and an end.

Kin is the new artistic production of Collective Amigdala that is taking shape through a process of working around the themes of feminism, civic activism and cultural memory.

March 3-4, 2023
OvestLab – Via Nicolò Biondo 86 – Modena
Friday, March 3, 9 p.m.
Saturday, March 4, 5 p.m.

Tickets: full 8e – reduced 5€
Info and reservations: [email protected] – 059 8777673


The path of KIN

Three days dedicated to the project KIN – building unseen kinships initiated by Amigdala in 2022 around the themes of feminism, civic activism and cultural memory.
Talks, presentations and the debut of Collective Amigdala’s new artistic production.

Periferico festival Presente! 2022
Dec. 2-3-4, 2022, OvestLab
as part of the project Kin – building unseen kinship



Friday, December 2, 2022

– 5 p.m., Ex-Day Hotel, Piazza Mazzini 45/A, Modena

, conversation with Diana Taylor (author and researcher, founder of the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics author of The Archive and the Repertoire. Performing Cultural Memories in the Americas and of Performance, Politics and Cultural Memory, edited by Fabrizio Deriu), leads Roberta Gandolfi (professor of Disciplines of Performance and Languages of Performance, University of Parma).
Online and in-presence talks on the themes of culture in action, politics, and cultural memory to reflect on knowledge as a collective and relational act and on new forms of collaboration between artistic action and civic activism.
– 9 p.m., OvestLab, via Nicolò biondo, 86, Modena

– vocal performance by Amygdala Collective

[prima nazionale]

Saturday, December 3, 2022

– 5:30 p.m., OvestLab, via Nicolò biondo, 86, Modena

– vocal performance by Amygdala Collective

– to follow:
conversation between Amigdala Collective and Camilla de Concini
, Raffa – Apennine Feminist Network activist and part of Jaya Association. 

Sunday, December 4, 2022

– 5:30 p.m., OvestLab, via Nicolò biondo, 86, Modena

 – vocal performance by Amygdala Collective

– 7 p.m.
– CHEAP book presentation with CHEAP, Fabiola Naldi and Collettivo Amigdala
The book collects a selection of public art interventions made between 2018 and 2021 by CHEAP, the Bologna-based poster art project founded by a collective of women in 2013.



KIN by Amigdala Collective


conception Meike Clarelli, Daina Pignatti, Federica Rocchi, Serena Terranova

original music, chorus direction, sound dramaturgy Meike Clarelli
stage movements Daina Pignatti
dramaturg, space curation Federica Rocchi
lighting design Eva Bruno
curation of textual material Serena Terranova
with Anna Luigia Autiero, Antonella Barberio, Sara Bertolucci, Luisa Casasanta, Marta Cellamare, Beatrice Cevolani, Francesca Colli, Valeria Cruz, Elisabetta Dallargine, Elisabetta Punzi
Amygdala Collective production
with the support of the Emilia-Romagna Region, Equal Opportunities Sector
artistic residencies in ossevance, Villa Aldini (Bologna)
with the collaboration of Camilla de Concini, Federica Falancia, Gabriella Tritta

dedicated to Valeria Vicentini ♡


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