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publishing, musical production, practices


Alongside the need to generate shared contexts of vision, dialogue and listening, Amigdala has developed the possibility of translating the outcomes or processes of fielded projects into editorial forms, whether written or musical.

The community practices and projects explored through the programming of festivals and reviews, the shared construction sites at the Villaggio Artigiano, and the multiple connections developed with the closest associations, such as CivicWise Italia, Archivio Architetto Cesare Leonardi, IMAGONIRMIA and others, find their own dimension outside of single public events by transforming into articles, books, magazines, web projects, records and other forms.

Work on processes of artistic creation or reactivation of territorial communities actually has its own extended dimension that develops in space and time, and sometimes continues by finding further corollary in sui generis outcomes.The publications are thus a different extension of such projects, performative or territorial, which manifest Amygdala’s need to witness and disseminate the happenings for which it is a spokesperson.


La Guida del Villaggio Artigiano di Modena Ovest


Elementare — LP


Il lessico del villaggio