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imaginary and practices

Amigdala investigates the collective imagination of the present through projects that directly interrogate communities and places.

His practices translate into works site-specific in which multiple areas of research converge, from vocal and sound research to dramaturgical research of texts and spaces, capable of enhancing from time to time the places the works pass through. The collective’s performance practice, in fact, invests in the artistic experience as an opportunity for transformation, activating processes of adaptation and engagement of those involved (festivals, reviews, audiences) that lead the viewer through a disorientation. 


The viewer’s body traverses performance venues in ever-changing ways, as each work brings with it its own form of relationship, from the walk of Anonymous letters to a walker until the sleep of Elementare, from the mobile stationing of The disobedience of water up to an immersive listening practice in From my voice.

This is an intuitive way of relating to other sensibilities, which also manifest themselves in operational and widespread projects; in particular, the collective has been pursuing vocal research for several years that has its own spillover in the performances produced but has been able to find the interest of other figures, initiating a path of research on the relationship between voice and landscape in the projects
Voice to Wind
Being There

Study in the field of voice and music is intertwined with the design of the choirs and of the record production, expressions that make clear the driving nature of the Amygdala, which yearns to be a multi-pronged organism of creation, never excluding the possibility of building cells that continue autonomously from itself, as in a real hub.

The connections open up – within and outside of Amigdala – numerous avenues that find operational fallout in multiple areas, particularly that of study processes and of theactivation of communities.

A very close synergy is the one formed with CivicWise Italia, an association based in OvestLab that deals with street architecture, participatory processes and urban regeneration. CivicWise Italy is a close collaborator and responsible guide in the success of many participatory projects that occur within Amigdala, such as Slingshot – collective magazine of the Artisan Village of West Modena., Afor, Craters and other projects.

Of the same magnitude is the collaboration established with the
Cesare Leonardi Architect Archive Association
which, starting with OvestLab, has launched its own educational project related to the School, contaminating and being absorbed, by proximity, in the activity of
, of training or of temporary reuse (Mop).

The artistic universe of Amygdala, which we have tried to represent through this website in schematic form and organized by categories, is thus an interwoven mosaic, a weave of fibers, the collection of many vitalities generating a movement that we would like to be rampant.

Starting with the festival
, one of the most visible of Amygdala’s many actions, to the educational workshop in the neighborhood school, in this two-dimensional representation we have tried to give the idea of each part of the work and their individual processes, imagining the exploration of these pages as a cognitive path made up of information and data and titles but also as the traceability of an absolutely effervescent system of thought and action, intangible in some of its derivations but also punctual and radical in a good part of its practices.