Toward evening 2020

Il futuro è un ordine che insorge.
Toward evening 2020


July 16, 7 p.m., WestLab courtyard
Presentation of the new issue of

Slingshot – collective magazine of the Artisan Village of West Modena

. A special issue, produced by the editorial staff of citizens, artists, scholars, and artisans of the Artisan Village during the pandemic thanks to digital technologies that made it possible to continue the meetings at a distance. An issue that carries an evocative title: Redemption. Let’s celebrate together (at a safe distance!) on Thursday, July 16, this new feat! Reservations required, limited seating.

From July 17 to 31, the whole city

Village Lexicon

becomes a public art project, with postings all over the city. Each poster contains a personal declension of a word, written by citizens at the invitation of Amigdala and OvestLab, with curatorship by Isabella Bordoni. Look for posters on the streets of Modena and report them on instagram with the hashtag #LessicodelVillaggio

July 22, 23, 24 10:30 a.m.

in some surprise spaces in the city > Breakfast with Latour, curated by Amigdala Collective
Live radio broadcast that, starting from some interviews done during the lockdown and inspired by a reflection by Bruno Latour on the future of post-pandemic cities, tries to bring reflections, points of view, poetic and musical insights in three episodes that unfold in three different spaces of the city. Reservations required, limited seating.


workshops, performances and collective paths Sept. 9 to 12 
curated by Amigdala

Wednesday, September 9 to Friday, September 11

At OvestLab, h 4-7 p.m.

Children’s workshop
With the eyes of the body
(ages 5/12)
Curated by Daina Pignatti / MUVet

A three-day workshop to try to reconstruct community from the body set in motion, without performance goals, and to regain familiarity with seeing, transforming, mapping, leaving footprints, imagining and imagining oneself.
The workshop includes a small outcome to share with parents and friends.
+ Friday, Sept. 11 h 8 p.m., final outcome: choreographed exploration of the neighborhood for adults led by workshop children

Saturday, September 12

At OvestLab, 4:30 p.m. (Round 1) and 5:30 p.m. (Round 2)

All together
, for adults and children
(ages 4/11)
Organized by Daina Pignatti and Gaia Germanà / MUVet
Dance and movement workshop for families of all shapes and sizes to play with neighborhood spaces while staying close, but not too close. What is necessary? Be at least four years old, dress comfortably, notify us with a reservation, have a great desire to have fun.

Saturday, September 12

At MOP / Modena West Pavillion, h 6 p.m. and h 7 p.m.

, children’s show
(ages 4/11)
Uncle Wolf is a peasant fairy tale. It belongs to the oral tradition of the land of Romagna, but is, at the same time, universal. It is a fairy tale, from another time, where the word given possesses the meaning of valor, fortitude, greatness, courage, joy–life! An actress/singer and a musician are featured. They welcome you into their home:  they make you sit in a small bed with a warm blanket and from the foot of that bed they lead you by the hand into the story: smelling, touching, tasting, listening and closing your eyes almost to the beginning of sleep.

Free admission.
Info and reservations: 059-8777673 [email protected]



Sept. 1 to 4

Leonardi Archive School, ALBERI course.

Two appointments open to the public, strictly by reservation:

Wednesday, September 2, 11 a.m.

What kind of green does the city of the future need?

Lecture and dialogue with Carlo Masera, architect and landscape architect Urban Forestry Center of Boscoincittà (Milan)
For reservations [email protected]

Friday, September 4, 5 p.m.
Trees. Final day of the course 
Visit to exhibition of student work, discussion with faculty and outside guests
For reservations [email protected]



HELICOTREMA Recorded Audio Festival 

September 26, 2020

At A.S. La Fratellanza
Curated by Amigdala and Imagonirmia Association of Elena Mantoni

Started in 2021, the festival is a nonprofit platform for the promotion of multidisciplinary sound works-such as audio dramas, audio theater, radio documentaries, soundscapes, experimental poetry and various formats based on an acoustic component-played in a collective listening setting.

Helicotrema is the winning project of the fifth edition of the Imagonirmia Prize, art residency and publishing project and in collaboration with Imagonirmia Association and OvestLab, presents a site-specific edition in the West Modena Artisan Village, Helicotrema 9 will present at La Fratellanza athletic field a program of listening sessions for neighborhood residents and the public.

TOWARDS EVENING, a project realized as part of the Modena Summer with the contribution of the City of Modena and District 4, curated by Collective Amigdala

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