Peripheral 2010

Contemporary events - 3rd edition
Peripheral 2010


For this third year of Peripheral, we decided to widen the circumference of the festival and go after other facets of the periphery. The result was an open, decentralized, unplanned, perhaps somewhat imprudent program.
First, the spaces and suburbs hosting the festival, now a widespread inhabitant of different portions of the territory, have multiplied.
Secondly, this edition of Peripheral presents many unique works that are born and grow in its places, without merely traversing them. Special projects weave together the opportunities the city offers; residencies and new studios take the form of installations designed specifically for the suburbs to which they are dedicated.


And so Peripheral reveals and sustains a more intricate, less obvious, yet present mesh of relationships in the fabric of the city. A performing arts festival that dialogues with urbanism, but also with mechanics, design, artisan bicycles, art galleries, and other cultural spaces in other suburbs.

Peripheral does not grow in height, but grows where it finds openings to germinate on the city floor.

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