C for city

Il futuro è un ordine che insorge.
C for city
In the framework of the “Periphery Project – Regeneration and Innovation Northern Area” of the Municipality of Modena, C COME CITTÀ was born, conceived by Collettivo Amigdala and Teatro dei Venti. 

The two companies have implemented a project with culturally-based urban regeneration interventions respectively in two contiguous areas of the city, close to the train station.
In collaboration with local entities, a number of actions based on a vision of art and cultural processes as engines of change, capable of triggering collective creative processes and community empowerment, were carried out during June/September 2021. The project aimed to counter the fragile image of these areas by valuing local expertise, to activate visions of the future, bring the community together around shared imaginaries and develop a greater awareness of the area. The competent, energetic and vital character of such areas emerges through smart storytelling shared through the flow of images and words on the dedicated instagram channel.

C come città simbolo giallo
“C for City aims to ‘make citizenship’ through territorial outreach work done at a walking pace, carried out by going through the city, its streets, squares and parks, meeting with people, communities, associations, merchants, talking and discussing, giving voice and visibility, showing the city the richness of these territories to foster new narratives and new visions of the future.”
– Federica Rocchi, curator Collective Amigdala


Collective Amigdala therefore proposed a participatory path for the design of urban explorations that through the areas of R-North, Gramsci Avenue, XXII Aprile Park, Sacca neighborhood and North area: paths that were then proposed during the month of September to residents and the whole city, to cross the areas of interest with a new look.

A Scientific Committee was also established within the project, which accompanied and supported the process to safeguard its quality, acting as an outside eye capable of offering proactive criticism and giving a different point of view to the project at once timely and totally in line with the wishes and vocations of the two lead associations. The committee included Claudio Calvaresi (Urbanist architect, member of Avanzi srl – sustainability per azioni), Linda Di Pietro (Art curator and program director of BASE Milano), Renzo Francabandera (Journalist, art and theater critic, independent curator), Vittorio Iervese (Professor of Sociology of Cultural and Communicative Processes at UNIMORE and Festival dei Popoli, Italian Institute for Social Documentation Film.

The participatory process

The first phase involved numerous realities active in different ways and on different areas of the territory through a participatory and collaborative path, on the basis of which were  made the different paths entitled WALKING THE CITY, Going through urban explorations, guided tours of private and public spaces in the neighborhood to learn about their opportunities, stories from merchants, shopkeepers, artisans, associations, and artistic residencies to creatively reinvent the neighborhood.

The first stage of the participatory process was held in the form of an assembly meeting on June 29, 2021 at the Rainbow Bar at 124 Giuseppe Toniolo Street – XXII April Park.


public sound walks
Three walks through the northern area of Modena, among everydayness and wonder, voices and atmospheres, to listen, observe, and meet the territory.
#1 From North Gate to XXII April Park

September 21, 2021

– curated by Amigdala Collective
– conceived and realized with Circolo Alchemia, Centro Culturale e Multietnico Milinda, Gavci Amici della Darsena, Modena Sobborghi, Zero in Condotta
– with the collaboration of Vibes

#2 From R-North to Via Staffette Partigiane

September 28, 2021

– curated by Amigdala Collective
– conceived and realized with ALiante Social Cooperative, MASA Center – UniMORE, Junto, Euphonia Music School, Museo Quale Percussione
– with the collaboration of Vibes

#3 From the Gardens of Gramsci Avenue to R-North.

October 5, 2021

– curated by Amigdala Collective
– conceived and realized with Caritas, Italian Red Cross – Modena Committee, La Fenice Center, Equilibri, Viale Gramsci Association, G124
– with the collaboration of Vibes

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