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Il futuro è un ordine che insorge.

Amigdala is a social promotion association and art collective based in Modena, Italy. Works in contemporary and performing arts, with a strong interest in urban regeneration and civic innovation.

Amigdala organizes and promotes events of cultural and social interest that hope to meet citizens of all ages, genders and backgrounds, and is committed daily to the values of cultural promotion, accessibility and gender equality in listening to the beneficiaries of its projects and the sensitive times we inhabit.


Do you want to become a memberə of Amigdala Aps?

1 / why

The membership gives you access to our newsletters and gives you the opportunity to attend association meetings to speak on the merits of the topics presented.

The membership has a membership cost of €3.

2 / then

The card is also required for all activities that take place at OvestLab, the legal and physical headquarters of Amigdala, in particular: meetings of Slingshot – Collective Magazine of the Artisan Village; performances of Peripheral festival; workshops and other activities that are organized during the year.

3 / how

To make it, you need to hand us the completed form: in person at performances, workshops and activities, at OvestLab when we are open, or even by sending us the file accompanied by ID attached to an email to [email protected]

Find the forms here!

Subscription form
for adultə members.

Subscription form
for membersə minors.

Of the association.